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Ben Fiess Tumbler - Song Thrush
Ben Fiess Tumbler - Song Thrush hidden Ben Fiess Tumbler - Song Thrush hidden

Ben Fiess Tumbler - Song Thrush


Glazed porcelain tumbler with blue speckled glaze from American ceramicist Ben Fiess. 

  • 4.5" tall x 3.25" wide, 12oz
  • Food safe


Handmade in Minnesota

About the Maker

Based in Minnesota, and having recently completed a tenure at the Philadelphia Clay Studio, ceramicist Ben Fiess creates utilitarian ceramic jars with various parts as well as other works of art. Ben's fascination with ceramic chemistry led to the development of a comprehensive online database of ceramic glazes.

"I came to ceramics late in my college tenure. I wasn’t very good, but I worked hard. My father was a cabinetmaker, so I grew up around wood. That made sense to me. It’s this rigid material: you measure it, you cut it, you join it. Clay was completely different. You can make a flat slab, but you bump it, and it’s no longer straight. That was really frustrating for me at first. I wanted to make the clay do something that it didn’t want to do." That early frustration though, has led to the creation of beautiful ceramic jars in complimentary colorways, where his passion and dedication is evident.

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