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Azmaya Nambu Iron Kettle
Azmaya Nambu Iron Kettle hidden Azmaya Nambu Iron Kettle hidden Azmaya Nambu Iron Kettle hidden

Azmaya Nambu Iron Kettle


This traditional cast iron Nambu Kettle from Japan is not only artfully beautiful, but also has excellent heat distribution and retention properties. Boiled water will stay hotter longer and the trace amount of iron released from the kettle into the water is a healthy dietary supplement. Cast iron ages beautifully and with care will last for over 100 years. Handle can be folded down for storage.

Dimensions:  7” (w) x 8” (l) x 3” (h)

Volume: 1000ml filled two thirds of the way


Care: For the first month, empty all unused water immediately after boiling and let the heat of the kettle dry the inside. After that it's fine to leave water inside the kettle.  A slight film will appear inside the kettle after use. This film prevents rust, absorbs chlorine from tap water (improving taste) and is necessary to just leave on the kettle. Don't scrub it off. Using your kettle daily for the first month will solidify the film and maximize the kettle's lifespan. If you're not using the kettle every day, store in a dry location to prevent rust.

About the Maker

Azmaya is a Tsubame, Niigata-based Japanese design house that collaborates with independent designers and artisans. Using traditional methods and materials, they collaborate on a collection of modern homewares that showcase high-end Japanese craft.

Our Promise

• All of our goods are handcrafted, thoughtfully designed, and made to last.
• We support independent artisans producing goods in small batch runs.
• We are conscious of our environmental impact and choose to support artisans who are using sustainable materials and production methods.
• Your package will be shipped in a 100% post-consumer recycled or recyclable box with sustainable packing material.
• We support ethical fair trade practices and transparency in origin, maker and materials used.
• We give 1% of sales to support arts in the community. Currently we are supporting Aid to Artisans.