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Vermont Farm Table

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Our featured maker this month is Dustin Glasscoe from Vermont Farm Table. From his wood shop in Burlington, Vermont, Dustin handcrafts timeless, yet modern furniture and kitchen accessories. Using hand-selected, reclaimed materials for his kitchen boards, rolling pins and tapers, you can clearly see and feel the beauty of an object that has been turned and worked by hand.


Dustin grew up on a farm with a father who was a custom home builder, so working with wood on the farm, splitting firewood and constructing was a huge part of his upbringing. To begin making furniture and other objects was a natural progression for him as Dustin felt a personal connection with the natural material of the wood. 




Dustin's wood shop is a place where he can get in the zone and work with his hands. "I like to work fast - when I leave the studio I always have something to show for the time - it is a good feeling to be productive, busy, and creative all at the same time." You'll also find Dustin working late at night once everyone is gone - a time he likes to spend staring into space in the absence of awkwardness. 





What advice would he give to someone just starting out working with wood? "Learn what you need to know to be safe - then throw away all the other rules. Go with your gut, take risks, be bold, and accept failures. Get up and move on". 


Vermont Farm Table was recently awarded the Vermont Green Retailer of the Year award.  This is a top honor in a State like Vermont that is known for setting the standard in environmental policy.  Being based in Vermont has definitely influenced Dustin's work. "Vermonters work hard, with integrity and appreciate authenticity".  Something that shines through in these hard-working kitchen goods. With such a strong sense of community in Vermont, Dustin believes any business must stand up to the principles held by his Vermont neighbors in order to be successful. This culture directly impacts the people he works with, the products and the business direction. When he ships products out of Vermont, Dustin feels he is representing the hard-working and green principles of the State.


French Paddle - Maple



French Paddle - Walnut


Rolling Pin - Maple


Rolling Pin - Walnut 


French Taper - Maple

French Taper - Walnut


Burlington, Vermont fosters a vibrant artist and creative community.  Where are the best local places to visit? Just south of Burlington are Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Orchards, and the Shelburne Musuem. All quintessential Vermont places that just happen to be a pleasant bike ride from Dustin's home. If you're in the Burlington area, also check out Nido Fabrics, Queen City Dry Goods and the many artists and makers on Pine Street. "That’s a perfect day!" 



Dustin's four-legged friend Moose


-all photos from Vermont Farm Table-


\\ Shop goods from Vermont Farm Table \\