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Photo credits: Lindsay Emery


Suite One Studio is a modern, handmade tableware line founded in 2009 by Lindsay Emery. Each piece is made entirely by hand and topped with bright, cheerful, handmade glazes that will make dinner parties and daily gatherings that much more beautiful. All of the items are produced in small batch runs, allowing new designs to shine in the spotlight before moving onto the next exciting idea. This approach keeps Lindsay's line uniquely fresh, ever changing and provides an inspiring momentum of design evolution. 


Lindsay was kind enough to answer a few questions for Koromiko, despite feeling under the weather for the last few weeks - and to let us a look inside her studio where she creates her functional, yet awesomely beautiful objects for everyday use. I love Lindsay's advice below to just begin.  So many times we put off our dreams, because we feel it's not the right time, and if only we had this completed, or that in place we would be ready - just begin! And you will surprise yourself with what can be achieved a step at a time.


How long have you been making ceramics for?  

I started making ceramics in 2005, so eight years now. I began Suite One Studio in 2009, a decision that pushed my work further than anything else.  


What was it for you that made you realize throwing clay was something you wanted to spend your days doing?

From my very first ceramics class I knew the wheel was where I wanted to be. I remember clearly even now, the first time I watched my instructor throw on the wheel. It was positively mesmerizing. I hadn't even tried it myself yet, but I knew then somehow that I'd found my "thing."





Is there anything in particular that inspires your clean, modern pieces?  

Food is always central to my tableware designing process. I think about the food a piece will serve, what the needs of that dish are (hot soups stay hot longest if served in a bowl with higher cupped sides rather than in a shallow, wide bowl) and then consider things like the color and texture of the food. From there I look to create interesting surfaces to complement these qualities.


Are there any ceramicists who have really inspired your work?

Interestingly it is my clients who have most inspired my work. I work closely with food photographers, stylists, and magazine editors whose needs directly influence my work. Their unique perspective, being on the other side of the finished ceramic product has really helped me to understand the needs of this industry, the needs of the food itself. I enjoy learning what other contemporary ceramicists are working on and twitter has been great for this, but my greatest inspirations are food magazines, and my food based clients, whether they're bloggers, photographers, or restaurant owners. I really enjoy antique shopping, and I always gravitate towards kitchen and tableware during these adventures. Seeing these pieces and learning what has worked in the past is also tremendously inspirational to my line.


What advice would you give to an artisan wanting to turn their craft into a full time job?


Begin. Just start working and work hard. Have patience and work really, really hard. The internet is an amazing thing, work hard and get your work out there, you’ll never believe how far you can reach from your own little computer.


Your dishes and platters are a perfect canvas for beautiful food presentation, do you ever have certain dishes in mind when you select glazes or shapes for your pieces?


Absolutely. Especially when the seasons are just about to change. I begin dreaming about the soon-to-be-fresh-picked-berry season, or the soon-to-be-spicy-pumpkin-soup season.. and those food based fantasies become the direct inspiration for new seasonal products.




What colors are you looking to for decorating this Fall?

I’m loving deep, saturated colors this fall. My go-to colors this season are: plum, teal, navy, emerald, and golden yellows paired with white.



Do you have any special traditions you like to celebrate at Thanksgiving?

I’ve moved quite a bit over the last ten years, so traditions haven’t had much chance to develop. I’m actively working now to change this. I haven’t lived anywhere that felt so much like “home” since I was a child, as Greensboro, NC does now. I expect this year will be the start of many new traditions!


It's that time of year to reflect on things we're thankful for - is there anything in particular you’re grateful for this year?

I’m particularly grateful for this exact point in my life right now. I have a wonderful family, an amazing partner to share my daily life with, a crazy but very lovable gaggle of pets, a thriving business, incredible friends, and hugely supportive clients. I get to do what I love each day, it doesn't get much better than that. And I'm thankful each and every moment.




Photo credits: Lindsay Emery


\\ Shop goods from Suite One Studio \\



\\ Shop goods from Suite One Studio \\