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Creatives to Know

Every handmade object at Koromiko has a story behind it.  A story of creativity, hard work and ingenuity.  Each maker featured will inspire you with their story of how they came to craft one-of-a-kind, handmade objects. They'll share what inspires them, how they got where they are today, and many let us take a peek into their studio - where the magic happens.


Each time you purchase something from Koromiko, you're helping to support these makers continue the age old tradition of crafting goods one at a time, by hand.  You're choosing to be part of a movement that goes back to our roots, focuses on slow design and the crafting of high quality goods that will last for decades to come.



Board & Bread

Handcrafted kitchen goods,
made in Nashville

Molly M Designs

Laser cut art prints and homewares,

handmade in SanFrancisco

Lee Coren

Screen printed textiles,
handmade in Tel Aviv



Courtney Hamill

Handmade ceramics from
Atlanta, Georgia



Jen E

Handmade ceramic wares from

Los Angeles



Vermont Farm Table

Hand crafted, wooden kitchen




Suite One Studio

Handmade ceramic wares from

North Carolina



Gidon Bing

New Zealand ceramicist, sculptor and


Shino Takeda

Japanese ceramicist based in
New York

GAIA Empowered Women

Handcrafted textiles from
re-settled refugees in Dallas