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MexChic by Tracey George Posted on November 04, '13

Mexchic is a contemporary design company, working in unison with master Mexican artisans to fuse elements of contemporary design with traditional Mexican weaving. MexChic is part of the Slow movement and stringently follows the guidelines set by the World Fair Trade Organization. MexChic also takes pride in creating low impact, socially and ecologically responsible, hand-made, high-end products in contemporary designs using natural materials.   

MexChic is based in Malinalco, Mexico and was founded in 2006 by American designer Christina Hattler. Christina studied fashion design at Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn, New York and spent the next 15 years running her eponymous fashion label based in New York City. She has also worked at Condé Nast where she received a priceless education working side by side design industry leaders. She moved to Mexico in 2005 and began Mexchic shortly thereafter. 

Tomás Macedo, a lawyer with an LLM in International Human Rights Law is creating the Mexchic Social Foundation, to give back more than just monetary support to the artisans Mexchic works with. He is planning a number of exciting future projects, some of which include introducing pedal looms into rural communities along with courses for artisans on how to grow and use natural dyes, courses on contemporary design and field trips with artisans to museums and galleries. 

"We adore what we do, we love where we live and could not feel more fortunate to know and work with so many amazing artisans."

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