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Seaecho by Tracey George Posted on October 16, '13

Seaecho owner/designer Sarah Vale-Rapp has always loved collecting. Mostly picking up tiny treasures from junk shops, road trips, and travels across the globe. As a hunter and borderline hoarder of cute and precious things, it became increasingly important to keep her treasures in something equally special.

Seaecho was born out of the need to hold objects all in one place and wanting to nestle everything together, under my arm for a night out, or an unexpected trip to the beach. Designed with a utilitarian compass and eye catching fabrics, each Seaecho bag is constructed to stand the test of time. 

Seaecho is a vessel that carries the energy of every new day into loving objects you can't help but feel connected to; made with love in Portland, Oregon. It is an ever-evolving project that focuses on current obsessions, inspirations, desires and the need to nestle treasures all in one place.

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