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Hoshii Designs by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Deborah Hosaki is the artisan behind Hoshii Designs. Hoshii in Japanese means "wanted, wished for, needed or desired". Deborah's love of creating things was inspired by the amazing women in her life. Her Obachan, Tsuya, (Mom's mom) was an incredible artisan. The intricate detail she put into many handmade ornaments and embroideries was breathtaking. Her Dad's mom, Hayako (Bessie), worked for many years as a seamstress for Simpson Sears and taught Deborah how to sew as a youngster. She bought her a reconditioned sewing machine many years ago and it's the same one Deborah uses today. Her mother Lily is also an unrealized artist in her own right and an incredible painter of sceneries.

Deborah tries to use as many renewable and sustainable materials as possible. The vast majority of the fabrics she chooses are from local thrift stores or pre-owned items that have been upcycled.

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