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BTW Ceramics by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Brooke Winfrey took her first ceramics course at Hunter College and never looked back. Now, as a full-time ceramicist, Brooke produces ceramic objects from clay slabs. Her work embraces the organic forms that come from hand building, laying bare the creative process as each object is completely unique. Brooke's cups, plates and bowls are simple, yet modern and refined.

The type of pieces that Brooke makes mainly stem from her enjoyment of clay as a fascinating material. It can take on so many different textures and go through many transformations. Embracing the playful nature of clay, Brooke accentuates it's idiosyncrasies by pairing raw, rough edges with smooth, flowing lines. She starts with simple shapes and brings out the frisky side of the simplicity by adding texture or precocious lines that can't ever be straight. Ideas sometimes hit her in the middle of the night and when she gets to the studio with new ideas, there's always a decent amount of trial and error. Says Brooke "I usually pinch out a small, rough representation of the shape and then work on refining the lines until I like what I'm looking at."

Once happy with the prototype, Brooke may throw and alter the piece or handbuild it. It depends on how the shape strikes her. The striped cups are each handbuilt individually with 2 rectangular slabs. Because of the rough, torn edges on the sides of the cups, ripping the slabs before they are attached is a great way to get that effect. Says Brooke " I very rarely leave a piece symmetrical, I enjoy the primitive, whimsical nature of objects that are purposefully imperfect. I get so much joy out of creating them and I hope to impart that joy to others as they interact with what I've created".

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