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Non-Perishable Goods by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Non-Perishable Goods is designed and created by Shay Carrillo in her backyard home based studio in Portland, Oregon. NPG was born out of a love for textiles, hand-crafted goods, and a desire to make useful products for the home, which reduce disposable consumption, encourage artistic expression and remind us of our ties to traditions and cultures around the world. All products are entirely hand-crafted using only natural fiber materials including linen, wool felt, vintage wool, vintage textiles, recycled cotton/hemp, repurposed denim, cotton & paper. NPG's linen napkins are sewn locally in Portland.

Shay has a background in fashion styling, art direction and photo production, all of which she traded in to become a full time homemaker. She is inspired by her ever curious and growing children, waldorf education, long summer evening dinners with good friends, and the idea of creating a warm and inviting home that expresses and creates ritual.

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