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Art et Manufacture by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Edith Bourgault transforms everyday objects, giving them a new use while keeping their original modern industrial look. Through unique decoration, she hopes to inspire people to look differently at ordinary objects. Edith lives in a house at the foot of Mount Orford in Magog, Quebec, Canada, and makes ceramics using the molding process. All of the production and decoration is done by her own two hands.

For Edith, the creative process begins by finding an old object with an attractive form. She makes a plaster mold of the form and fills it with casting clay, letting it absorb the excess water until the piece has the right thickness. After emptying the excess liquid back to its bin and letting the piece dry, she shapes, decorates, and fires it a first time. The last step is to apply glaze and fire one last time.

Edith believes every artisan who works with integrity, without creative limits, creates work that is a reflection of their soul. Her pieces are a projection herself; they’re moody and imperfect. She says "I create things that touch me and wait for someone else to be touched, too. It’s always incredible to see that happen. The way I make my pieces also makes them special – no two are identical."

What inspires her? "I think we should all consider buying less and try to be more autonomous, especially when it comes to feeding ourselves. In the future, I would like to have a bigger garden, some hens, and perhaps even a personal windmill to produce electricity for firing my pieces."

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