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Birdkage by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Designer Courtney Robinson founded kitchen linen and accessories company BIRDKAGE™ in 2010. Both functional and well-designed, the collection reflects Robinson's love of being in the kitchen.

Educated at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she made her mark working in New York and London as a fashion editor (Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar UK) and stylist (Reese Witherspoon, Mary J. Blige). “I used to paint a lot, and I’d always wear a bib apron,” Robinson recalls. “With all the paint marks and bright splashes, it became like my custom-printed apron. There was a feeling of comfort and a crazy kind of magic there that I wanted to recapture.”

The Birdkage collection contains several stylish aprons that move seamlessly from the thick of the party to the heat of the kitchen and back again. Sophisticated detailing appears throughout and includes natural linens, cotton prints, sailcloth grommets, and blue jean rivets.

“In creating Birdkage, I was inspired by the belief that fashion is a part of life,” Robinson says. “Sometimes it’s dramatic and awe-inspiring, but it shouldn’t be without an element of practicality or fun.”

The Birdkage collection is wholly designed and handmade in New York City.

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