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Ambatalia by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Molly de Vries founded Ambatalia with a mission to bring awareness to all the plastic in our oceans and all of the wasted and unnecessary packaging that usually goes along with the buying of food and other necessities. Ambatalia finds solutions to this problem by designing functional, multi- purpose textiles for food, shopping, the kitchen, table, garden and work. All of the products are handmade in the San Francisco Bay area with the most sustainable materials available.

Sourcing textiles with the smallest foot print and with the most amount of integrity in its structure, craftsmanship and beauty is what brings Molly happiness. Ambatalia also partners with companies that have the same values and principles and ships all of their goods using post consumer recycled materials.

When we use authentic cloth and less disposable packaging in our lives, we develop a greater connection to our food, and the environment. Not only that, but we gain the satisfaction of knowing that we are playing a small part in the solution. These textiles from Ambatalia will bring you and your family years of usefulness, beauty and enjoyment.

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