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My Turkish Textiles by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

My Turkish Textiles imports the work of select Turkish weavers who use 100% certified organic cotton to create gorgeous, lush textiles by hand in the traditional way on old style looms.

The artisans that create these Pestemals are from nine different families scattered throughout the South and Southeast of Turkey. They are from some of the last families that still weave on old-style shuttled looms. Weaving used to be a large part of the culture in Turkey, not just for employment, but actually as part of the culture. With the advent of factories, both large and small, many of the weaving villages, and with it the knowledge and tradition have died out.

My Turkish Textiles works directly with the families who are carrying on this tradition and sources only 100% certified organic cotton, linen and bamboo for their goods. These families are now able to sustain a living by weaving. Some had virtually given up as they did not have a means to bring their textiles to market. One man was ready to sell his loom for scrap wood! With everyone's continued support My Turkish Textiles hopes to be a part of keeping this tradition alive, while encouraging the purchase of useful and beautiful products.

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