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Dia Living by Tracey George Posted on July 02, '13

Dia Living was founded by two sisters (Sumeera and Nadia) who grew up in Pakistan and now reside in the New York area. Both inherited their love for luxurious textiles and ancient techniques from both sides of the family. Their father used to export handmade textiles as well as owned two garment manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Nani (their maternal grandmother), was a teacher of traditional crafts for underprivileged women. While growing up, Sumeera and Nadia traveled extensively all over the world, and it is this love of travel and textiles which was the founding idea behind Dia Living.

Dia Living offers handcrafted textiles using natural fabrics, materials and dyes. Their creations are a unique combination of modern design and vintage techniques. They deliberately seek beautiful imperfections that come with the touch of a human hand as opposed to a machine.

Both sisters travel often to Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, South of France, Italy, Morocco, Scandinavia, Peru and Mexico for several months out of the year to work alongside the artisans creating the fabrics.

Dia Living supports low-income artisans from emerging regions around the world by providing them opportunities for empowerment. They aspire to create an environment that supports culture, sustainability and fair trade practices.

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