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Dominik Woods by Tracey George Posted on July 30, '14

Dominik Kowalik began his career as a graphic designer in Paris, France. After years sitting in front of a screen designing for various brands and companies, he decided to leave the virtual world for a more hands on creative process.

In Los Angeles he learned the traditional craft of guitar making by studying with master luthier John S. Kinnard in Fallbrook, CA. When asked by friends to make cutting and serving boards, Dominik created his first organic-shaped board. From his studio in California, Dominik selects each piece of wood himself, and has built his wood shop based on a desire to craft goods by hand. 

The timeless quality of each board can be attributed to its invisible joints, pebble-like thinness and rounded, tapered edges. The surfaces of the wood are hand-sanded to a smooth finish. When completed, each board is treated with a blend of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil.

”I like long days at the shop. Assessing material and building pieces, getting orders and making my own schedule. I never produce more than needed. When an order comes in, I associate the name with the wood, a conversation takes place at this moment between me and the piece I build. It not just a material laying there but it has a purpose and destiny for years to come.”


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