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Takeawei by Tracey George Posted on June 10, '14
Takeawei is a Melbourne, Australia based ceramic studio founded by Chela Edmunds. Her distinct ceramic style is derived from a long history as a textile and accessories designer. The name Takeawei is a play on words. Transforming the distinctly Australian term takeaway (in the U.S. "takeout"), with its connotations of fast food and throw away culture, with Wei (Qi), the Chinese term for protective energy.

Takeawei represents a move away from the mass produced and a move toward a life filled with consciously made objects. Eclectic influences include surf culture, good food, the Australian landscape and fashion. Each piece combines skilled craftsmanship with a relaxed style and sense of humor. 

Long before Edmunds had been creating her unique and eclectic pieces she had built up a successful career as a designer working stateside for fashion heavy-weights Vera Wang and Donna Karan. She initially took up ceramics as relaxation from the demands of working in fashion. Spending what hours she had in a Brooklyn-based studio, Edmunds created items for herself and friends. It wasn’t long before she found that her love affair with clay had taken over. Fuelled by a desire to return home to Australia and make ceramics her full time focus, Edmunds set up a studio practice at Elm Place Studios in North Melbourne.

Editions are small and no two pieces are exactly the same. Made entirely by hand in Melbourne, Australia. 
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