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Board & Bread by Tracey George Posted on June 07, '14

Emily Brock of Board & Bread grew up in Nashville, Tennessee learning bits of woodworking from her father, a woodworker of 35 years. After earning a graphic arts degree in Athens, GA, she went on to work in the design industry and also pursued a love of cooking and baking on both a personal and professional level. Finding the place where great design and good food meet happened once Emily moved to Atlanta, GA and found a sense of self in unique restaurant spaces with intentional design and good, honest food. The simple details that make a good meal great, a small hand turned walnut salt cellar on the table, the organic shape of artisan made dinner plates, all the little details that help form the memories we make around food.

Going back to her roots, Emily decided to start a little wood shop of her own to make some of the pieces she wanted to fill her kitchen and dining table with. A small canning shed in her Olympia, Washington home was her first shop, and since has moved to Nashville with her partner and three cats in efforts to expanded her business to include not only handmade kitchen and serving ware of a larger variety, but also weaving looms, light fixtures and more. Emily works with hard woods, primarily including Tennessee grown black walnut, maple and cherry. Every piece is hand carved and shaped, and then sanded to a smooth, shiny finish. 

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