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Chelsea Miller Knives by Tracey George Posted on March 17, '14

Chelsea Miller grew up in a family of artisans in rural Peacham, Vermont. After many years away from home, living in New York and working as an actress, she was inspired by her brother to take up knife making. As an actress, crafting knives gives her balance and something tactile to do with her hands during her downtime. Chelsea's father is a skilled blacksmith and carpenter and as a child, she spent time in his shop watching him cut, burn and form objects.

The wood used in her knife handles is sourced from the scrap piles of her family’s Northern Kingdom farm. The high carbon steel used in the blades comes from repurposed horseshoe rasps, used by farrier friends in Vermont for filing horse hooves. The grater-like etchings in those files have resulted in knives that are truly unique.

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