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Suzanne Sullivan by Tracey George Posted on November 24, '13

Suzanne Sullivan is a ceramic and textile artist based in South Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she learned ceramics as a child and was fascinated by Northwest Coast Native American art. "I like the idea of the artist as a kind of design factory, prepared to tackle all kinds of issues, whether they be extraordinary or mundane," she says.

She had been focusing on textiles until a few years ago, where her daughter, a longtime ceramicist, suggested the two of them take a ceramics class together. "I like the things in our every day world that are not mass-produced, things that have fingerprints on them. At home, I collect twigs and sticks and nests, special rocks, pieces of small nothings from the natural world, and a lot of times, my ceramics become vessels for these things." 

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