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Ahiroya by Tracey George Posted on June 30, '17 Ahiroya is a Japanese textile company that hand makes traditional Japanese tenugui cloths using the "Chu-sen" method. It is a multi-artisan process, with one creating the stencil and another dying the fabric. LISSU by Tracey George Posted on June 30, '17
LISSU is a collection of linen goods inspired by Scandinavia's fondness for functional simplicity and natural materials. The relaxed luxury and industrial strength of linen are ideal for the home. Products are made with care from fine yet hearty flax thoughtfully sourced. 
Warm water wash and tumble dry, linen grows softer with every use. Enjoy linen's characteristic crumple or iron if clean lines are desired.
Monique Ste-Marie by Tracey George Posted on June 29, '17

Monique Ste-Marie is at the forefront of a new generation of designer-makers who apply a modern aesthetic vision to traditional techniques. In 2012, she completed the Textile Construction Program at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT) and now has her own atelier in Montreal.

“My creative process centers around the utilitarian object and the features that make it easy and pleasant to use: functionality, design, color, tactile appeal. I’ve always admired the skill of my ancestors who, with very little, took time to fashion everyday utensils from humble materials such as wood and hemp twine. The simple beauty of these handcrafted treasures still moves us in present times. I want to express that same spirit of resourcefulness with contemporary flair, for today’s homes. ”

Andrew Molleur by Tracey George Posted on June 24, '17

Andrew Molleur is a ceramicist and designer living and working in Kingston, NY. In his 1,600 square foot studio on the edge of the city’s reviving midtown arts district, Andrew uses traditional and modern techniques to design and produce his functional inlaid ceramic pieces.  

Striking a balance between fine art and relevant design, Andrew’s current work fuses his inclination toward architectonic elements with an appreciation for minimalism and functionality.  He draws on influences from architecture and design, combining clean lines, geometric fragments, and textural experiences to construct his distinct aesthetic. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, each engaging the beholder in a visual and tactile intimacy.

Jenny Pennywood by Tracey George Posted on June 09, '17

Jenny Pennywood is a home textile line from artist Jen Garrido, focused on creating small batch, locally made, everyday products. All fabric is screen-printed in water-based inks and sewn in San Francisco, CA.

J Schatz by Tracey George Posted on June 06, '17

It all started with an egg. Jim Schatz began creating lamps out of an NYC apartment, utilizing this shape that has fascinated humans forever. It inspired him to go into the woods of upstate New York, living in a creek-side cabin and creating homes and feeders for his new feathered friends.

The world of J Schatz is driven by love, a sense of wonder, and the desire to create beautiful products out of clay. Everything is designed by Jim Schatz and Peter Souza, and brought to life with a team of local artisans from their studio in Providence, Rhode Island. 

To keep their carbon footprint small, J Schatzs uses an exclusive U.S. based supplier network for their raw materials and manufactured components and employs local artists, reducing commuter-CO2. 

Andrew Perkins by Tracey George Posted on June 05, '17

Founded in San Francisco, CA in 2015 by industrial designer Andrew Perkins, Fire Road is a design brand focused on creating iconic home goods with unique material combinations, minimalist design and excellent function. All goods are handcrafted in the USA with superior craftsmanship and materials.

Armine Arutyunyan by Tracey George Posted on May 22, '17

Armine Arutyunyan  is a concrete/natural stone artist, working from her studio in Cypress TX. Each piece of Armine's collection is unique created by her and the nature together. Making her/our life a little more naturally beautiful.

Artisans of Vichuquén by Tracey George Posted on March 14, '17 White earthenware pottery from the artisans of Vichuquén in the Maule region of Central Chile. Marta Turowska by Tracey George Posted on December 05, '16 Polish ceramicist Marta Turowska's whimsical pieces are handcrafted in her Warsaw studio. She takes pleasure in making objects that bring beauty to your every day. Marta finds inspiration in nature, geometric shapes and the fairytale illustrations in children's books. 1 2 3 11 Next »