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Pine Needle Basket #49
Pine Needle Basket #49 hidden Pine Needle Basket #49 hidden Pine Needle Basket #49 hidden

Pine Needle Basket #49


This small beehive shaped pine needle basket is hand-woven with nothing but pine needles.  With no thread or fiber to join the baskets together, these baskets are a true work of art. Sturdy and functional, they are ideal for small objects, keepsakes and jewelry. With a slight natural scent of pine, these handmade baskets will remind you of a walk in the forest. 


Each basket is one of a kind.  The basket you receive will be the one in the pictures.


3.25" dia. x 2.5" high inc. lid

Straight sides with spiral base. Separate Lid.


Handmade in California

About the Maker

Based in San Diego, California, Aiyana Bailin was born into a family of artists and has spent the past 30-odd years drifting around the United States like a windblown seed. She's a full-time bookworm and part-time dabbler in many things: arts and crafts, photography, philosophy, science, star-gazing, idea-collecting, assorted geekery, cooking, nature appreciation, and various realms of idealistic activism. With a BS in Psychology, Aiyana currently works with developmentally delayed children, and plans to pursue a PhD focused on disability rights. She can generally be found in the company of good books, sincere friends, laughter, and chocolate. Aiyana's goal in life is to leave the world a better place than she found it.

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